does anyone want to try this?

I will start it, i’ll send a little friend to someone and kandi and a letter of who i am and a note for whoever receives it. That person will then send it to someone else with the letter and keep the kandi. We can see how many people get the package and make new friends:)

like a little plur bear or something:)

lemme know peeps!

Posted on February 10th at 8:47 PM
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    I wanna start this!!!!
  2. russianog answered: that sounds like an AWESOME idea. Should kinda create an outline for people who find it hard to describe themselves.
  3. thatcrazy13itchx3 answered: im down for this!
  4. sosayweall8757 answered: I would love to participate in this! :)
  5. wired-apparel answered: We would be so down for this! email us
  6. naturalstoner answered: Thatd be awesome! :3
  7. electrifi answered: awww this is an awesome idea! <3
  8. spiderling answered: That would be amazing <3 being able to be a part of something so big and be able to give kandi to someone <3
  9. littlebassbunny answered: This is the best thing ever. I’m in =D
  10. plurstheword answered: yes!!!! great idea, cuffs or singles?
  11. resynched answered: I feel like that would be so fun if people would actually send packages back :< Sounds fun, though.
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